Biennale Architettura 2021

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All the carbon in the Earth derives from rocks and will, eventually, end up in rocks. New cutting-edge technologies have radically shortened the timespans that turn CO2 into basalt. Carbon to Rock explores these new artificial manipulations of the geological timescales of the carbon-cycle, rethinking igneous rocks as a new resilient material for new high-carbon-capture architectures. Carbon to Rock was developed as a design studio in Spring 2020 and it took the form of a volcanic rock installation in La Biennale di Venezia 2021: How will we live together?
Team: Igneous Tectonics (Cristina Parreño + Sergio Araya)


With additional support from:

MIT International Science and Technology Initiative _MISTI.
Center for the Arts Science and Technology at MIT_CAST
Council for the Arts at MIT_CAMIT
Cuellar Stone Company.
Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage_ Government of Chile.
Filantropía Cortés Solari.
Meri Foundation
AC/E Spanish Cultural Action

Complete Production Credits:

Location: Architecture Installation in Giardino delle Vergini.
Design: Cristina Parreño Alonso & Sergio Araya Goldberg.
Manufacturing: Cristina Parreño Alonso & Sergio Araya Goldberg with Cuellar Stone Company. Research contributions made by Pěc Lab and Carb Fix.

Video CarbonToRock sneak peek

Design: Cristina Parreño Alonso and Sergio Araya Goldberg
Assistant Editor: Ruth Blair Moyers
Models and Illustrations of the Basalt and Carbon Cycles: Cristina Parreño Alonso and Sergio Araya Goldberg.

Collaborators from Sergio and Cristina’s Studio’s “Igneous Tectonics:
CarbonToRock” Class (Spring 2020)
: Tayloe Boes, Daniel Griffin, Melika Konjicanin, Florence Ma, Ana McIntosh, Jitske Swagemakers, Carolyn Tam, and Lynced Torres.

Photography: Raul Betti and Adolfo Guiard Torre-Marín