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The Book at the Edge

The future of the book has been largely questioned and discussed. Constant speculation of its disappearance due to the digital media advances have led to a variety of speculations of what a library without a book could become: The book at the edge. Within this context of uncertainty, the National Library in Slovenia, goes back to its roots proposing a building that praises the book.

The immateriality and ubiquity of the new modes of information generate today more than ever the need of the library as that one place where the physical space and the material become fundamental for the exchange of knowledge. This space is generated in the project through an architectural component that acts as a book container; this element is also the main construction unit of the building and at the same time it hosts the mechanical services and modulates the natural light that pierces the façade.

In collaboration: Cristina Parreño + Amin Tadjsoleiman

Team:  Yoonhee Cho, Aldarsaikhan Tuvshinbat, Majda AlMarzouqi.